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Ahoy there!

I’m Michael Munoz, some say I’m a little bit food enthusiast and a little bit show stopper, I’d say I’m a little bit Blanche Devereaux, a little bit Rachael Ray, a lotta Paula Deen trapped in the body of a skinny Newyorican! I’m a fearless home trained cook and a university trained performer that gets his wit from the New York drag queens that raised him! Born and raised in Brooklyn, musician, actor, and a culinary enthusiast my career has taken me from touring with the world’s best choirs, to singing with the likes of Julie Andrews and Charlotte Church, to Off-Broadway in Naked Boys Singing. While I continue to perform my everlasting passion and heart is in the culinary realm. I created my former blog The Gay Gourmet as a way to make food fun and accessible to the masses and now I will continue that journey with The Kitchen Gaily, not only making food fun and accessible but also combining my passion for food with my wit and camp humor resulting in a hilarious informative blog The Kitchen Gaily or as I often say, “Your guide to eating and living fabulously!” 

With my old blog gaining so much traction I hope to walk right back into where he left off and into your homes and continue on this path as a fabulous gay voice in the food world. Leaving a trail of glitter behind me and not taking names, I hope that one day soon I will have his own cooking show. The cooking will be fearless, tasty, and, most of all a better time than I am on a Friday night! Now that’s a good time!

Want to know more? Meet me? Love me? Shoot some goodness my way at or via my Twitter page and Facebook pages!

Deliciously Living,

The Kitchen Gaily