Rejoice…Rejoice…Rejoice greatly!¬†

Well folks after a long hiatus I am making a return with a bigger, better, gayer, more fabulous food blog!

I know I’ve been missing for quite some time but after a lot of soul searching, some reimagining, and rebranding¬†here I am with The Kitchen Gaily. So Like a Phoenix rising from the ash I am ready to return to the ranks of NYC Food Blog Royalty.

The Kitchen Gaily will still be about my gay life through food but will prove to be more focused on you my readers. Think of it as your guide to eating and living fabulously…even when you can’t afford it! There will also be a focus on healthier eating (not always) and the gluten free lifestyle.

All my old content is still available so if you were obsessed with my red velvet pancakes you can still find them here!

Thank you to all of you who sent me letters, supported me through this time of loss and discovery. Without you I’d be nothing.

So raise that White Zinfandel tumbler of yours and let’s toast to The Kitchen Gaily – Real Food, Real Gay, Real Fabulous!

Deliciously Living,


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