You know I love getting snail mail especially when it’s a cookbook or any other cool presents from one of my readers/followers. So when I Can Make You Hot – The Supermodel Diet – by Real Housewife of NY Kelly Bensimon arrived in my mailbox I nearly died! I thought musical theatre and cooking were my two true loves but there is definitely a sprinkle of Real Housewife in there!

The Real Housewives of (insert city here) have taken over reality T.V. and possibly have redefined what it means to be a celebrity. We know that I love myself a real housewife. Yes folks, I admit it. I am a super fan in hiding. Why, do you ask? Well I think for the same reason anybody likes “reality” T.V. It’s a glimpse into someone else’s life, secrets, drama etc and these women give it to you in many forms, covered in fabulous!

I don’t think that the Real Housewives of NY really has shed a good light on Ms. Bensimon but upon doing some more research she has done it all. From model, to magazine editor, to starting up a few magazines, to philanthropist, to author, to being a mother and now cookbook author.

Upon first glance this cookbook seems fairly simple, not overly complicated and definitely a little gimmicky (but who doesn’t love a gimmick?) I was curious what made her decide to write a cookbook and luckily I had a chance to sit down with Kelly and discuss the book over jellybeans!She says was not only inspired by her fans wanting to know more about the life of Kelly but also by her children. The overall message she is trying to get across from the book is she want’s you to be the best possible you that you can be. That’s a vague statement, I know, but upon glancing further into the book she not only talks recipes and exercise (only 20 mins a day) but she also shares experiences living as a model and being pregnant as model, fashion advice as well as all the tricks she’s picked up along the way as she juggled her very busy life all the while being a single mom. (Wow that was a mouthful!) On to the food… She never claims to be a chef she only says that desperate times called for desperate measures and when she had to be a single mom and take care of her two gorgeous little girls she learned to make her family recipes. All the recipes are a collection of Kelly’s family and unfortunately I haven’t had a moment to cook anything with National Cookie Week fast approaching. All I can say is that they certainly look interesting, are most definitely easy and I wish she used a better photographer for her food photos. (Keith Oberlin get that camera ready!)

That being said [and after meeting her] this book is very Kelly. Charming, sweet, sincere, fun and very genuine! My favorite Hot Tip is

“Sometimes when you think you are hungry, you really just need an energy boost and a sweet drink will do the trick. Next time you think you’re hungry, try a lemonade and a diversion. “

FYI I’ve been drinking lemonade as if lemons are going extinct.

The book message in three easy steps is.

1. Exercise every day. No Excuses (20 minutes is enough and it shouldn’t be called a work out cause it shouldn’t be work!)

2. Make healthy food choices and eat well six days a week.

3. Make Sunday your “funday” and eat whatever you want. If you’ve been following steps one and two your body can definitely handle a day of freedom.

Can she make you hot? I am not sure but I’m certainly going to give it a try! Much thanks to Kelly for being super cute and letting me chat with her for a while!You can buy the book here on Amazon

Be hot my loves!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz

Photos by Keith Oberlin ©2012

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