Gerl, so you are stuck in NYC in a job you hate with no vacation time and all you really want to do is be someplace wonderful eating and drinking your face off ooooooooorrr maybe you are just stuck and everything is just fine and dandy but you still need more of a release than a bad handy on a Tuesday afternoon. The fact of the matter is I have an inside scoop on what is going to be one of the most fun NYC Events of the Summer!


Cook Out NYC™ is a major food eating event (aka sloppy eating & drinking till you can’t anymore) that happens July 7th & 8th, 2012, on NYC’s beautiful Governor’s Island. There is a Kimchi Eating Contest set to rival that of Coney Island’s hotdog contest, Sixpoint beer tastings, cook offs and demos from famous chefs and much more. Personally I am intrigued by this kimchi contest ’cause if anyone barfs that is bound to be worth the price of admission!

In their own words

There will be more than 20 BBQ and grilling stations (samples guaranteed until 2 p.m.) withofferings from John Brown’s Smokehouse, Blind Tiger, Jimmy’s No. 43, EastVillage Meat Market, Lucky 777 Chili, King Phojanakong of Kuma Inn andUmi Nom, a Hot Sauce &Wings cooking station,rooftop garden salads by
Brooklyn Grange and Growing Chefs, others;

A hot dog competition (decided by popular vote) with six stations featuring
Sabrett’s Hot &Spicy Hot Dogs with toppings from Sir Kensington Ketchup, My
Friend’s Mustard, Sabrett’s Classic Onion Sauce, Chili from Lucky 777 Chili, 
a kimchi dog, and a special entry by Chef Josetth Gordon.

The featured event of July Good Beer Month. Cook Out NYC™ also offers custom
beers by exclusive beer sponsor Sixpoint,which will be bringing back July Good Beer Month’s
special “Signal” Smoked Pale Ale, along with Sehr Crisp Pils and five other brews.Sangria,
as well as other beverages,will be available for purchase. A stage with live music will feature local
blues/bluegrass/Americana bands.

Tickets run from $30 to $65 but I have a way you can get in for free!!! Yea you heard me FREE! VIP STATUS AT THAT…you know why? ‘Cause The Gay Gourmet!™ only travels in VIP circles!

Here’s how to win! It’s SUPER EASY!

I need you to creatively tweet…yes CREATIVELY…about @CookOutNYC and @TheKitchenGaily

For Example …

“The hottest bitches on Governors Island this weekend besides the Ostrich patties are gonna be me and @TheKitchenGaily”

“I would wear my hottest speedo to @CookOutNYC just to get to meet @TheKitchenGaily”

“@TheKitchenGaily would be my perfect dream date to @CookOutNYC”

“@BarbraStriesand would be jealous seeing @TheKitchenGaily on the ferry to @CookOutNYC #DontRainOnMyParade”

Get it? Good!

Other ways to up your winning chances are Follow me @TheKitchenGaily &@CookOutNYC on twitter and then let us know.

Like The Kitchen Gaily & Cook Out NYC on Facebook and let us know about it!

Share this with all your friends and let us know about it!


You are eligible to win only if you are going to be in NYC 7/7 & 7/8 and enter by 7/5

VIP ticket is non-transferable

All entries must be posted by 2pm on July 5th

Winner will be chosen on July 5th and receive one VIP pass to CookOutNYC

If you don’t happen to win and still want to go you can use discount code “BlogOutNyc” for 5 bucks off your purchase! Check it out here —> EAT ME

Happy eating y’all and make sure you say hi this weekend!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz

The Kitchen Gaily

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