I have 6 words for you. I am still stuffed and drunk.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could just leave it at that? Well you know what I am gonna do! Here’s a photo recap of what was a really amazing weekend on Governor’s Island!

Our journey began with some real delicious SixPoint Beer…


Then Cajun Ken & The Penthouse boys hit us with some tasty sauced up sausage & chicken






But one of my fav’s and winner of the hot dog topping contest was Chef Josette and her Piquant Celery Slaw with Currants… >insert mouth watering sound here<



Zio Ristorante & Chef MC THREW DOWN on some pork belly with figs… Gabe and I were stuffed already but we went back for seconds it was that good. I haev to stop into Zio ASAP if just to see sexy Chef MC!







Alobar also kicked some butt with a wild boar burger that would make you do dirty things!

Now on to Mama O’s Super Spicy Kimchi…








Excuse my French but avoir une peur bleue de quelque chose… In other words this stuff was HOT AS HECK… WHOO! It was also the star of the Kimchi eating contest…YIKES!







STK had the most delicious sliders I’ve had in a long time!

I know super fun blog Midtown Lunch is not a fan but if everything tasted like these burgers I’d be there everyday. Yet another pilgrimage on the list…



I need to take a moment for SixPoint here because by this point in time Gabe and I had tasted through most of what they had to offer… WATER BREAK!






Tom’s Roid Rippin’ Hot Sauce…

The name says it all from very mild to “Roid Rippin” Tom took me on a hot sauce tour like none other…needless to say I chickened out when we got to the hottest sauce.

I definitely am a big fan though of all the other sauces. Full of an amazing initial flavor and a hot finish. I forgot to buy a bottle but if you are wondering what you are getting for Christmas stop now…


If I’m the Queen of Everything Delicious then The King of Brisket NYC is definitely one of my many ex-husbands…







Just go is all I’m going to say…. JUST GO… NOW…. RUN… DON’T WALK…. RUUUUN!

My Friend’s Mustard are truly my newest friends. Personally I thought they should’ve won the hot dog contest ’cause that was some really freakin’ good mustard…. the secret? Six Point Beer!!! Say what?

Jimmy’s No. 43 showed some really tasty things my favorite being the grilled cheese but who doesn’t love a grilled cheese?






Their Veitnamese Slaw hot dog was also another competitor!

My new friends at Lucky 777′s chili threw down on a turkey chili and I can not wait to visit their store on the LES! Get There!

Time for a cool down break! These girls convinced the Lucky 777′s guys to put their beads in their cooler! What a great idea! Gabe and I drunkenly and quickly followed suit!

Sir Kensington’s “Scooping” Ketchup is the best ketchup I’ve ever had! I want it all the time…like now…give me some… I’m serious. Chunky, acidic and deliciously tomatoey!






It was hot as heck on the Island and it was definitely time for dessert and ice cream break and who better to provide it than MELT Bakery! Some of the best ice cream sandwiches in NYC! I had the bourbon special! YUM!

Did I mention we met and befriended some fabulous British people?






Definitely a highlight in our excursion..we compared notes, talked Cockney Rhyming Slang and shared Beers! Who could ask for anything more?

The Kimchi Eating Contest was ridiculous!

Look at this motley crew! If they only knew they used Ghost Peppers in the Kimchi before they signed up….






Look at them go!!! The guy on the right was in it to win it…






I mean in it….


and he did win it after eating 2 and 1/3 jars of REALLY FREAKIN’ HOT KIMCHI!




Gabe and I finished our visit to the farm school where we got our photo taken as pimps and hoe’s of the farm!! WHAT WHAT!




Many thanks to Cook Out NYC for the Invite! I can’t wait till next year!!


Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz

The Kitchen Gaily!

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