It was a long road of dieting, exercise, focus, work, blog, rehearsal and life to get to the Sunday performances of Broadway Bares XXII; Happy Endings but I made it.


I lost around 15 lbs in 3.5 weeks, worked my butt off, made lots of great new friends and received tons of support from all of you and Look how fabulous I look!

Thank you! I couldn’t have done it with out you!

Enough of the gratuitous nudity…If you are curious about all the numbers here they are directly from Broadway Cares.

and the ending result $1,254,176 that all goes to helping people in need and a record breaker for the organization.

Needless to say, the dwarves were a hit! The number was the most traditional burlesque out of all the numbers and definitely left an impression. The music even stopped in the middle of our number in the second show and let me tell you it was one of the most exciting times of my life. We lived it out on that stage and gave the audience most of a show than they could’ve asked for!

Here are some show pics!

Pride is next folks, so gird your loins!!!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz

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