One of the great things about New York City has always been it’s style. Care free, individual, chic, and sometimes insane but always amazing in it’s own right. If you didn’t know Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is upon us and it got me thinking about all those crazy couture gowns, the hot men, fierce celebrities, more hot men models, and food…Oh yea…and hot men.

Food trends much like fashion have changed throughout the years and chefs much like fashion designers derive inspiration from all walks of life. This year we have seen trends in fashion from Color blocking, to digital prints, to lots of leg and pops of color! In food we’ve seen Bitters make a large comeback, local farming and sourcing making strides to a huge peruvian food movement in the city and more and more people on this Gluten Free train.

My favorite part about all of this, and why I am writing this is when food meets fashion! Let’s face it, some of these fashion designers are fabulously crazy and this blog is dedicated to the creators of those food and fashion fusion creations!

Take a look! Most of these are oldies but goodies and still my favorites!!

Starting with ‘The Fabulous Food’ series by Swedish Linus Morales

Chanel Sausages, Louis Vuitton Toast and Fendi Fishsticks! I need him to make Kitchen Gaily Pickles!

Hunger Pains Food Fashion is a project photographed by Ted Sabarese and created by a team of 15 designers led by Ami Goodheart.  Two Project Runway alums, Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault, wove the artichoke dress shown above.  The model stood for six hours while the duo crafted this first dress leaf by leaf before the first photograph was taken!! WHAT?!? She had to go to the bathroom at some point, no?!?!

On to Sugarland who had a stunning photo shoot done by Brian Mullins and teamed up with Victorian Rose Bridals to showcase some cakes with fashion trends.

Our beloved Christian Louboutin has designed a special shoe flute for Piper Heidsieck. The crystal shoe celebrates the historic French tradition of ‘Le Ritue’’, which involved a man drinking from a woman’s shoe. The Louboutin-designed crystal flute and a special edition bottle of Piper- Heidsieck Brut Cuvée are available from Selfridges stores nationwide now. (Thanks to Vogue Fashion for this find)

Here’s a little Moschino number inspired by what looks like chives and goat cheese!

Some fashion inspired cookie from Bergdorf Goodman and Chanel Cuppy cakes fromThe Food Fashionista 

I guess what it all comes down to is…

Thanks for entertaining my fun food meets fashion journey and I hope that this upcoming fashion week inspires you to be the most sexy you, you can be!

In the words of Ms. Coco Chanel herself…

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”   – Coco Chanel 

Deliciously Living and Dressing,

Michael Muñoz

The Kitchen Gaily

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