Whether it be cooking, dating or otherwise, I’m here to help and take the guess work out of it all!

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of making an appearance at a Totally Tyler’s and Justin Luke’s book (Your Boyfriend & Other Boys I’ve Kissed and Gulliver Travels) reading/signing. The evening was titled a Double Date with Tyler and Justin and it was a fabulous evening of dramatic/comedic readings, (I mean what would a gay book reading be without some laughs and a little drama!) sexy talk, quiet moments, Paige Turner, The Drama Queenz and me of course!

I was a little out of sorts about what to do at a book reading as there was no kitchen and with all the wood and paper around I would have burnt the place down. SO I had a great idea for a song and dance (Obviously) and Lord knows I’m single so I came up with ten simple tips to have a fabulous evening out…even if it’s not going as planned.

So without further adieu here is The Kitchen Gaily’s Guide to Eating Out… on a Date!

10. Always have more than one choice of restaurant in mind when first meeting someone. (We’re men after all and who doesn’t like a side of aggressive with their man? Even if you are a bottom…)
9.Pick something middle of the road price wise…unless you are going out with an investment banker then pick some place really nice and forget your wallet!
8. Specialty restaurants are always a fun choice! Find out what he likes and pick a place that does it really well. The extra effort will pay off in the end! (Don’t you get any ideas!)

7. Lighting is always important! Pick someplace lit but within reason reason. Ambers are best but we don’t always have that option. You want to see the person you are talking to, right? Unless it’s a blind date and he looks nothing like his Grindr picture. Then low lighting is best.

6. Now I’m all for supporting our people but don’t go to a gay restaurant/bar for 2 reasons..you don’t want anybody stealing your thunder or once again if he isn’t what you thought the last thing you don’t want to be is rude and have a wandering eye.
5. As far as ordering…suggestive foods like meatballs, sausage or aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate, and cardamom are a great way to subliminally get him into the mood!!
4. We all know how gay people like to drink but every so often we need a reminder that we shouldn’t be getting sloshed upon first meeting a man…unless you’re at The Eagle and it’s gonna be that kinda night.
3. Don’t go on a date starving. We all know we’ll go to the gym and eat a cracker to look real good for our date but in the end you’ll look like a beast cause you’ll be ravenous and the liquor will go straight to your head.
2. A fun way to get conversation going is to order things you can share. It also gives you some salvation if your date is a dud. “Mmm aren’t these buffalo balls just delightful?”
1. My last tip which is the most important is stay away from raw veggies, dairy or anything else that may repeat or give your the bubble guts! Either that or pop a Beano® or two before you leave the apartment!Well there you have it my delicious daters! Words to live by! God Speed and I’ll see you next time!


Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz

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