I have to start off by saying I love all the seasons and everything that comes with them. Living in a city like New York it’s only appropriate that we have a variety of seasons and climate to match the variety of people, food, shops, and MEN! OOOOH THE MEN! As many around me complained of the cold this past Winter, I felt alive and joyous.The weather rarely affects me and now that we have settled into what looks like a beautiful dose of Spring from Mother Nature I feel invigorated, motivated and hungry. mmm hmm I said it…hungry.


Someone recently said to me that if we spent as much time talking about our feelings as we do the weather the world would be a much better place. I say if we spend more time in rejoicing in the variety that we are given the happier everyone around will be if only because happiness is contagious!

One thing that makes me really happy besides the seasons are surprises only because I’m one tough cookie to throw a surprise anything for. That’s also one of the many reasons why I love being a food blogger. There are all sorts of fabulous people out there who decide that I’m the food gay they want to send fun things to and therefore going to my mailbox can often be a surprise!

Most recently I received a box labeled Mary’s Secret Ingredients. What? A surprise on top of the one I got by receiving the box? I was really excited and then i thought to myself Who is this Mary? and why are her ingredients so secret?


Looks like I am not the only Mary with a trick or two up his sleeve!

As frist glance the box ordinary and plain but one you open it that feeling of “Wow this is something really nice” come over you. Kinda like when you buy a new Apple product, so much thought not only went into the contents but also the packaging makes you feel special…or at least it did for me.


SO WHAT’S INSIDE?!?!?!? I know… I know… shut up and get on with it.


I’m not telling. hahaha. Yup you heard it right I am not telling…maybe if you get me drunk I’ll tell but IT’S A SECRET!

photo 4

What I will tell you is…

The Great

-That there are a variety of handpicked items from savory to sweet.

-That these are things that you mostly wont find out and about everyday unless you are specifically hunting for them or stumble across them.

photo 2

-Some of the items are really fun as far as I was really excited to use them in my cooking.

– There was a nice variety of items in the box along with a guide about what everything is.

-10% of their profits go to Feed The Children

photo 3

What I would’ve like to see if I had ordered it…

-I’m gluten free, so I would like an option to click if I have an allergy when ordering the box which their site doesn’t seem to have.

Despite that I have used and am using 90% of the box. The rest I shared with family who aren’t GF and they seemed to love them. Even my little 4 year old niece was digging around the box and found something for herself!

If you are a food lover, food curious or somewhere in between this is a pretty fun thing to order. It only comes once a season and is limited to a hundred boxes so you feel like you are in a special club.

photo 1

Thanks to my new friends at Mary’s Secret Ingredients for my surprise! Boy am I stuffed yet calm and refreshed at the same time!

Till next time my Food Illuminati!

Deliciously Living


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  1. Mary Frances
    June 4, 2014

    Hi Michael! Thanks so much for this adorable review of Mary’s Secret Ingredients. The team and I are thrilled that you liked the box, your support is really appreciated!


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