A few days ago I was invited to an event at a lovely healthy fast food joint called 4Food. 4Food is a restaurant that prides itself in providing food that has been “de-junked.” In laymen’s terms, food that is a healthy option, quickly!

In an effort to continue spread their message that all food that is fast does not have to be bad for you they decided to battle National Junk Food Day with a “De-Junk Food Day!” Along with their regular healthy menu showcasing at their restaurant on 40th and Madison were a lovely handful of healthy options. One of favorites being Little Duck Organics.

 Not realizing that these snacks were made for children, I wolfed them down with a vengeance! I mean…I was hungry and these freeze dried fruit combos were super tasty! Upon discovering that these snacks were made for kids I promptly swiped a few snacks and quickly sent them off to my 2.5 year old niece, Penelope.

This beauty certainly has a mind of her own and will let you know what she thinks immediately! (I wonder where she gets that from?) Want to know what she thought? You tell me!!


She absolutely flipped over the snacks Guncle (gay uncle) Mikey sent her. My brother had to practically tear them away from her! Do I sense a new future Little Duck Organics spokesperson/supermodel in the making? I thiiiiiiink sooooo!!

What are your favorite snacks for yourself or your kids?

Want to know more about Little Duck Organics? click here —–> Quack

This write up was unprovoked and not sponsored by Little Duck Organics!

Deliciously Living,

Michael Muñoz

The Kitchen Gaily

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